Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Expanded Edition

Is There In Truth No Beauty? / Paradise Syndrome

Symphonic Suites Arranged From The Original Television Scores: Volume 1

Composers George Duning and Gerald Fried
Conductor Alexander Courage
Performers Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Catalog # LXCD 703
Discs / Time 1 / 42:50
Release Date 1986
Cover Front | Alternates
Label Label X
Related Release Volume 2

Track Listing

Is There In Truth No Beauty?

Season 3 • 1968 • George Duning

  1. Enter Miranda
    Ambassador Arrival
    McCoy's Toast
    Quite a Woman
    Marvick Pleads
    Marvick Mad
    Marvick Berserk
    Marvick Dies
    Sentimental Jim
    Blind Miranda
    No Change
    Miranda Mad
    Miranda's Farewell

Paradise Syndrome

Season 3 • 1968 • Gerald Fried

  1. Pine Trees
    The Amerinds
    Tahiti Syndrome
    The Brain Wash
    Breath of Life
    The New God
    Dilithium Problem
    Wash Day
    Salish Fluffed
    Potter Kirk
    Naming the God
    Joining Day
    The Ceremony
    Birth Announcement
    False God
    Death of Miramanee
  • Published by Addax Music Co, Inc. ASCAP


Replica and Alternate Covers

  • Star Trek: Volume 1 (Label X) replica cover
  • Star Trek: Volume 1 (Label X) alternate cover

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Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producers: Clyde Allen and John Lasher
  • Digital Recording Engineer: Keith Grant, Olympic Studios, London, England
  • Digital Recordist: Toby Alington
  • Digital System: Sony PCM-1610
  • Digital Editing and Mastering Engineer: Danny Hersch, JVC DiscAmerica
  • CD Manufacturing: LaserVideo, Inc.
  • Manuscript Preparation: Clyde Allen and Tony Bremner
  • Supervising Copyist: Colin Appleton
  • Art Direction and Design: John Lasher and Ron Wong
  • Cover Illustration: Walter W. Lee

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