Tin Man / The Inner Light / Sub Rosa / A Fistful of Datas / Dark Page / Descent / Birthright

Tin Man / The Inner Light / Sub Rosa / A Fistful of Datas / Dark PAge / Descent / Birthright

Original Television Soundtrack

Composer Jay Chattaway
Conductor Jay Chattaway
Catalog # GNPD 8057
Discs / Time 1 / 48:21
Release Date 1998
Cover Front | Alternates
Label GNP Crescendo Records

Track Listing

  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title*/** 1:40

Tin ManSuite from Tin Man

Season 3 • 1990 • Jay Chattaway

  1. Not Nice / Right / Scared 4:44
  2. Closing / Tin Man Contact / Romulans 2:55
  3. Meet 3:23
  4. No Choice / Tam 3:57

The Inner LightThe Inner Light

Season 5 • 1992 • Jay Chattaway

  1. Theme from The Inner Light*** 2:50

Sub Rosa

Season 7 • 1994 • Jay Chattaway

  1. Hooked on Ronin 3:59

A Fistful of DatasA Fistful of Datas

Season 6 • 1992 • Jay Chattaway

  1. A Fistful of Datas 4:53

Dark Page

Season 7 • 1993 • Jay Chattaway

  1. Painful Revelation 5:27

BirthrightSuite from Descent, Parts 1 and 2

Season 6/7 • 1993 • Jay Chattaway

  1. They're Back! 2:53
  2. Hook, Line & Sinker 3:20
  3. Crusher to the Rescue 1:57

Birthright, Part 1

Season 6 • 1993 • Jay Chattaway

  1. Data in Dreamland 5:22
  2. Star Trek: The Next Generation End Title ** :46
  • All tracks (p) 1998 Paramount Pictures except Track 6 (p) 1998 GNP Crescendo Record Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. GNP Crescendo Authorized User. Music published by Addax Music Co., ASCAP except Theme from Star Trek published by Bruin Music Company BMI and Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture published by Ensign Music Corp. BMI.
  • *Contains "Theme from Star Trek" by Alexander Courage.
  • **Contains "Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture" by Jerry Goldsmith.
  • ***Not original soundtrack. Recorded at The Complex Studios, West L.A.


Replica and Alternate Covers

Alternate covers are also available in high resolution on OneDrive.

Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: Jay Chattaway
  • Executive Album Producer: Neil Norman
  • Associate Executive Album Producer: Mark Banning
  • Music recorded at: Paramount Scoring Stage "M", the Universal and Warner Scoring Stages, and Twentieth Century Fox Scoring Stage 1
  • Main Title Voiceover: Patrick Stewart
  • Engineering: Don Hahn, Armin Steiner, Tim Boyle, Bobby Fernandez and Chad Blinman
  • "The Inner Light" pennywhistle theme recorded at: The Complex Studios, West L.A.
  • Orchestra Contractor: Carl Fortina
  • Music Editor: Gerry Sackman
  • Musc Preparation: Bob Bornstein
  • Creative Consultant: Ford A. Thaxton
  • CD Art Direction and Liner Notes: Mark Banning
  • Digitally Edited and Mastered by: James Nelson at Digital Outland, Tacoma, Washington
  • Additional Mastering by: Charlie Watts at Mondophonics
  • Special thanks to: the producers, writers, and directors of these episodes for their vision and trust. Gerry Sackman for keeping me in sync. Joseph Smith and Greg smith for their score supervision. Carl Fortina for assembling such great performers. Bob Bornstein and his crew for their careful music preparation. Dennis McCarthy for showing me the way. The Gang at Avenue L & 8th Street, The Gang at the Star Trek art department, Carol Faith and Wayne Burgos for their help and friendship. Ford A. Thaxton, Mark Banning, Bill Wistrom and Neil Norman for their valuable assistance in the assemble of this project. Susan, Amy, and Scott for their patience and understanding.

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