Star Trek: Insurrection

Original MOTION PICTURE Soundtrack

Composer Jerry Goldsmith
Conductor Jerry Goldsmith
Catalog # GNPD 8059
Discs / Time 1 / 44:50
Release Date December 1998
Cover Front
Label GNP Crescendo Records
Related Release Expanded Collector's Edition (2013)

Track Listing

  1. Ba'ku Village*/** 6:57
  2. In Custody 1:08
  3. Children's Story 1:51
  4. Not Functioning 152
  5. New Sight 5:47
  6. The Drones Attack 4:13
  7. The Riker Maneuver 3:13
  8. The Same Race 2:53
  9. No Threat 4:14
  10. The Healing Process*** 7:15
  11. End Credits*/** 5:23
  • All music published by Ensign Music Corporation BMI except where otherwise noted.
  • * Contains "Theme from STAR TREK - The TV Series" composed by Alexander Courage, published by Bruin Music Company BMI.
  • ** Contains "Theme from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE" composed by Jerry Goldsmith, published by Ensign Music Corporation BMI.
  • *** Different from version used in film.


Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: Jerry Goldsmith
  • Executive Album Producer: Neil Norman
  • Associate Executive Album Producer: Mark Banning
  • Orchestrations: Alexander Courage
  • Recorded, Mixed and Edited by: Bruce Botnick
  • Music Editor: Ken Hall
  • Music Preparation: Jo Ann Kane
  • Music Services Computer Programming: Nick Vidar
  • Recorded at: Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M, October 19-23
  • Recording Assistants: Paul Wertheimer, Norman Dlugatch and Dominic Gonzales
  • Orchestra Contractor: Sandy De Crescent
  • Assistant to Jerry Goldsmith: Lois Carruth
  • Digitally Mastered by: Bruce Botnick at DIGIFEX
  • Album Art Direction: Mark Banning
  • Additional Graphics: John Eaves
  • Special Thanks to: Rick Berman, Jonathan Frakes, Peter Lauritson, Jerry Goldsmith, the Gang at Avenue L & 8th Street, the Gang at the Star Trek Art Department and the Gang at Marathon
  • 24-bit digital recording

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