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Album Composer Label Date
Encounter at Farpoint (Volume 1) McCarthy GNP Crescendo 1998
Encounter at Farpoint / The Arsenal of Freedom [Expanded Collector's Edition] McCarthy GNP Crescendo 2014
The Best of Both Worlds (Volume 2) Jones GNP Crescendo 1991
The Best of Both Worlds [Expanded Collector's Edition] Jones GNP Crescendo 2013
Yesterday's Enterprise / Unification / Hollow Pursuit (Volume 3) McCarthy GNP Crescendo 1992
Tin Man / The Inner Light / Sub Rosa / A Fistful of Datas / Dark Page / Descent / Birthright (Volume 4) Chattaway GNP Crescendo 1998
Star Trek Generations McCarthy GNP Crescendo 1994
Star Trek Generations [Expanded Collector's Edition] McCarthy GNP Crescendo 2012
Star Trek: First Contact Goldsmith GNP Crescendo 1996
Star Trek: First Contact [Limited Edition] Goldsmith GNP Crescendo 2012
Star Trek: Insurrection Goldsmith GNP Crescendo 1998
Star Trek: Insurrection [Expanded Collector's Edition] Goldsmith GNP Crescendo 2013
Star Trek Nemesis Goldsmith Varese Sarabande 2002
Star Trek Nemesis [The Deluxe Edition] Goldsmith Varese Sarabande 2013
Star Trek Nemesis [SACD Special Edition] Goldsmith Varese Sarabande 2003
The Best of Star Trek: 30th Anniversary Collection Various GNP Crescendo 1996
The Best of Star Trek: Volume 2 Various GNP Crescendo 2000
50th Anniversary Collection Various La-La Land 2016
The Ron Jones Project Jones Film Score Monthly 2010
Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 1 Various La-La Land 2011
Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume 2 Various La-La Land 2016
Star Trek: Borg McCarthy   2011


Album Label Date
Symphonic Star Trek: Music of the Motion Pictures and Television Series Telarc 1996
Space and Beyond Silva 1996
Space and Beyond 2: Alien Invasion Silva 1998
Space 3: Beyond the Final Frontier Silva 2000
The Ultimate Star Trek Varese Sarabande 2000
The Star Trek Album Silva 2003
The Music of Star Trek Silva 2009
Music from the Star Trek Saga Buy Soundtrax 2013
Star Trek: Music from the Video Games Buy Soundtrax 2013
The Ultimate Voyage CineConcert Records 2016

Computer Games

Album Composer Label Date
Star Trek: Borg Dennis McCarthy n/a 2011
Star Trek: Away Team Danny Pelfrey n/a 2001
Star Trek: Encounters Jason Graves Bethesda Softworks 2006
Star Trek: Legacy Rod Abernethy / Jason Graves n/a 2006
Birth of the Federation Steven Scherer n/a 1999
Klingon Honor Guard Roland Rizzo n/a 1998

Related Recordings

Album Performer Label Date
Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra IMAScore 2017
Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back Brent Spiner Dead Line 1991
Dreamland Brent Spiner and Maude Maggart Bellarama 2008

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