Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact

Original MOTION PICTURE Soundtrack
Limited Edition of 10,000

Composers Jerry Goldsmith and Joel Goldsmith
Conductor Jerry Goldsmith
Catalog # GNPD 8079
Discs / Time 1 / 79:13
Release Date April 2, 2012
Cover Front
Liner Notes PDF | 30MB
Label GNP Crescendo Records
Related Release Original (1996)

Track Listing

  1. Main Title / Locutus 4:16
  2. How Many Ships :28
  3. Battle Watch 1:10
  4. Red Alert 2:13
  5. Temporal Wake 2:07
  6. Shields Down 1:45
  7. The Phoenix 1:00
  8. They’re Here :25
  9. 39.1 Degrees Celsius 4:45
  10. Search for the Borg 1:50
  11. Retreat 3:59
  12. No Success 1:31
  13. Borg Montage 1:02
  14. Welcome Aboard 2:40
  15. Stimulation 1:04
  16. Smorgasborg 1:28
  17. Getting Ready 1:33
  18. Fully Functional 3:19
  19. The Dish 7:06
  20. Objection Noted 1:54
  21. Not Again 2:41
  22. Evacuate 2:20
  23. New Orders / All the Time 3:49
  24. Flight of the Phoenix 6:20
  25. First Contact 6:00
  26. End Credits 5:28

Bonus Tracks

  1. The Phoenix [alternate] 1:07
  2. Borg Montage [alternate] 1:17
  3. Main Title [alternate] 2:54
  • Star Trek: First Contact compositions by Jerry Goldsmith and Joel Goldsmith, published by Sony/ATV Melody (BMI).
  • Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith, published by Sony/ATV Melody (BMI).
  • Theme from Star Trek (TV Series) by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry, published by Bruin Music Company (BMI).



2012 Complete Score CD ReIssue

  • Executive Album Producers: Neil Norman and Lukas Kendall
  • Mastering by: Bruce Botnick at UnitEye Productions, Ojai, California
  • Audio Preparation by: Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk
  • Executive in Charge of Music for Paramount Pictures: Randy Spendlove
  • Soundtrack Album Coordinator: Kim Seiniger
  • CD Art Direction: Ray Rastad
  • CD Production Assistance: Frank K. DeWald and Jeff Eldridge
  • Special Thanks: Jonathan Frakes, Andie Childs, and John Davis of Precision AudioSonics
  • Paramount Pictures Special Thanks: Mary Jo Braun, Julie Butchko, Dan Butler, Eric Caldwell, Sheryl Carlin, Denise Carver, Jennifer Cornett, Jayne Edwards, Adam Ehrlich, Robert Gasper, David Gueringer, Jerome Hill, Denise Luiso, Steven Lundy, Elise Mann, Liz McNicoll, Aron Pinksy, Jason Richmond, Jennifer Schiller, Susan Siering, Linda Springer, Hallie Volman, and Eric Ybanez

1996 Soundtrack Album Credits

  • Producer: Jerry Goldsmith
  • Executive Album Producer: Neil Norman
  • Associate Executive Album Producer: Mark Banning
  • Additional Original Music Composed by: Joel Goldsmith
  • Orchestrations: Arthur Morton, Alexander Courage and Jeff Atmajian
  • Recorded, Mixed and Edited by: Bruce Botnick
  • Music Editors: Ken Hall and Clifford Kolhweck
  • Music Preparation: Bob Bornstein
  • Computer Programming: Nick Vidar
  • Recorded: October 14-18, 1996 at Paramount Pictures - Scoring Stage M
  • Assisted by: Paul Wertheimer, Norman Dlugatch and Dominic Gonzales
  • Orchestra Contractor: Sandy De Crescent
  • Assistant to Mr. Goldsmith: Lois Carruth
  • Digital Mastering: Bruce Botnick at DIGIFEX
  • Special Thanks to: Rick Berman, Jonathan Frakes, Peter Lauritson, Jerry Goldsmith, Joel Goldsmith, Ray Costa and Costa Communications, Maryann Earl, the Gang at Avenue L & 8th Street, the Gang at the Star Trek Art Department and the Gang at Marathon

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