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Dennis McCarthy at Vegas Con
Dennis McCarthy

August 27, 2005

StarTrek.com has a report on Dennis McCarthy's appearance at Vegas Con earlier this month.

STS-114 Wake-Up Call

August 3, 2005

SpaceRef.com reports that the crew of space shuttle Discovery (STS-114) were awoken this morning by the Enterprise theme song. The article at SpaceRef does inaccurately state that "Where My Heart Will Take Me" was composed by Dennis McCarthy, when it was in fact written by Diane Warren. Update: NASA maintains a page with wake-up calls for each day of STS-114.

Film Music Masters: Jerry Goldsmith
Jerry Goldsmith

July 4, 2005

Music from the Movies has released its first DVD, ‘Film Music Masters: Jerry Goldsmith’. The 1995 documentary is on DVD for the first time with over two and a half hours of bonus material. The DVD features the original 70 minute documentary, directed by Award-winning composer Fred Karlin, filmed in 1994. This chronicles Goldsmith’s career with film and music clips and contributions from his family, directors and colleagues.

Scoring Enterprise's Final Episode
Star Trek: Enterprise

May 6, 2005

The Film Music Society has an excellent article about Dennis McCarthy's recording of the final Enterprise episode, "These Are the Voyages..." The article reveals what I've suspected for a while, that Kevin Kiner handles the synthesizer elements of McCarthy's scores.

Enterprise Cancelled
Star Trek: Enterprise

February 2, 2005

UPN has cancelled Enterprise. May 13, 2005 will be the series finale. The last Star Trek TV episode for what will probably be a very long time, and certainly the last time I'll tune in to UPN.

New Enterprise MAin Title
Star Trek: Enterprise

February 1, 2005

For those that have wished for the Enterprise theme song to be replaced with something else, you are finally going to get your wish. Sort of. For the upcoming two-part Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly," which is set in the Mirror universe, the opening credit sequence will be changed and "Where My Heart Will Take My" replaced with some type of militaristc, drum-driven music. More details about this episode can be found at the official Star Trek web site.

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