Star Trek: Enterprise - Broken Bow cover

Broken Bow

Original Television Soundtrack

Composer Dennis McCarthy
Conductor Dennis McCarthy
Catalog # 289 470 999-2
Discs / Time 1 / 49:30
Release Date May 14, 2002
Cover Front | Alternates
Label Decca Records

Track Listing

  1. Where My Heart Will Take Me (album version) 4:14 lyrics
  2. New Enterprise 1:42
  3. Klingon Chase / Shotgunned 2:05
  4. Enterprise First Flight 2:52
  5. Klang-Napped 2:12
  6. Morpho-O-Mama / Suli-Nabbed 2:47
  7. Phaser Fight 5:54
  8. Breakthrough 2:02
  9. Grappled 4:11
  10. The Rescue 6:41
  11. Temporal Battle 8:07
  12. Blood Work 2:12
  13. New Horizons 1:27
  14. Archer's Theme (end credits) 1:27
  15. Where My Heart Will Take Me (TV version) 1:29 lyrics
  • Tracks 2-14: Music composed and conducted by Dennis McCarthy. Published by Addax Music., ASCAP.
  • Tracks 1 and 15 published by Addax Music Co., ASCAP/Universal Music Corp., ASCAP


Replica and Alternate Covers

  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Broken Bow replica cover
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Broken Bow alternate cover
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Broken Bow alternate cover
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Broken Bow alternate cover

Alternate covers are also available in high resolution on OneDrive.

Technical and Recording Notes

  • Producer: Dennis McCarthy
  • Music Sound Consultant: Dennis Yurosek
  • Music Contractor: Carl Fontina
  • Score Recorded and Mixed by: Rick Winquest
  • Score Recorded at: Stage M, Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles on 9/10/01 and 9/11/01
  • Music Editor: Steve Rowe
  • Mastered and Edited by: James Cruz at Sony Music Studios, New York
  • Executive in Charge of Soundtracks for Universal Music Group: Kathy Nelson
  • Chairman, Universal Classics Group: Chris Roberts
  • A&R Direction: Randy Dry
  • Soundtrack Coordination: Meridith Friedman
  • Creative Consultant: Neil Norman
  • Creative Direction: Penny Bennett
  • Package Coordination: Laura Johnson and Thanne Tangel
  • Design: Thecreativeshop
  • Dennis McCarthy Wishes to Give Special Thanks to: Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson, Brannon Braga, Scott Bakula, Steve Rowe, Vasi Vangelos, Robert Messinger, all of the members of our Star Trek Orchestra, my wife Patty and the entire McCarthy Clan for their love and support, and most importantly the gang at Avenue L and 8th Street for making this CD possible. 'Yo' to Ford A. Thaxton and Mark Banning for all their help!
  • Special Thanks: Mark Cavell, Perry Hughes, Nicola Levy, Paul Moseley, Kathy Nelson, Jay Schwartz and Diane Warren

Where My Heart Will Take Me

  • Written by: Diane Warren
  • Performed by: Russell Watson
  • Producer: Nick Patrick and Russell Watson
  • Orchestral Arrangement: Jeremy Lubbock
  • Conductor: Jeremy Lubbock, New York Trek Orchestra
  • Recorded: New York
  • Mixed at: The Town House, London by David Maurice and Phil Bodger
  • Mastered by: Leon Zervos at Masterdisk, NYC
  • Published by: Addax Music Co., Universal-MCA Music Publishing, a Division of Universal Studios, Inc.

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