Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Album Composer Label Date
Emissary McCarthy GNP Crescendo 1998
Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine McCarthy GNP Crescendo 1993
The Best of Star Trek: 30th Anniversary Collection Various GNP Crescendo 1996
The Best of Star Trek: Volume 2 Various GNP Crescendo 2000
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Collection Various La-La Land Records 2013


Album Label Date
Symphonic Star Trek: Music of the Motion Pictures and Television Series Telarc 1996
Space and Beyond Silva 1996
Space and Beyond 2: Alien Invasion Silva 1998
Space 3: Beyond the Final Frontier Silva 2000
The Ultimate Star Trek Varese Sarabande 2000
The Star Trek Album Silva 2003
The Music of Star Trek Silva 2009
Star Trek: Music from the Video Games Buy Soundtrax 2013
Music from the Star Trek Saga Buy Soundtrax 2013
The Ultimate Voyage CineConcert Records 2016

Computer Games

Album Composer Publisher Date
Star Trek: Conquest Jason Graves Bethesda Softworks 2007
Star Trek: Encounters Jason Graves Bethesda Softworks 2006
Star Trek: Legacy Rod Abernethy / Jason Graves Bethesda Softworks 2006
Dominion Wars n/a Simon & Schuster 2001
The Fallen Steven Von Kampen Simon & Schuster 2000
Harbinger n/a Viacom NewMedia 1996

Related Recordings

Album Description Performer Label Date
After 3:00 A.M. at Quark's Solo Piano Dennis McCarthy BSX Records 2009
This One's from the Heart Music from DS9's Vic Fontaine James Darren Concord 1999

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