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George Romanis

Birth Date 1929
Instruments Bass
TV Omnibus Volume 1

Star Trek Scores

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode Season Year Score
Too Short a Season 1 1998

Motion Picture Scores

Title Year Score
Oxford Blues 1984
Chandler 1972
Eight on the Lam 1967

Television Scores


Title Network Year Score
Airwolf   1986
Kentucky Woman   1983
Joe Dancer: The Big Trade   1981
Of Mice and Men   1981
The Monkey Mission   1981
The Big Black Pill   1981
Beyond Westworld   1980
Hagen   1980


Title Network Year Score
Never Con a Killer   1977
The Feather and Father Gang   1977
Shark Kill   1976
Bronk   1975
The Family Nobody Wanted   1975
Live Again, Die Again   1974
Maneater   1973
Hawkins   1973
Crime Club   1973
Barnaby Jones   1973
The Streets of San Francisco   1972
Assignment: Munich   1972
Cannon   1971
Storefront Lawyers   1970


Title Network Year Score
U.M.C.   1969
Hawaii Five-O   1968

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