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Samuel Matlovsky

Birth Date October 27, 1921
Birth Place Canal Zone Panama
Date of Death February 17, 2004, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Education Paris Conservatory
Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection The Empath

Star Trek Scores

Star Trek

Episode Season Year Score
I, Mudd 2 1967

Motion Picture Scores


Title Year Score
Fish Hawk 1979


Title Year Score
Games 1967
Gentle Giant 1967
Namu, the Killer Whale 1966
Third of a Man 1962

Television Scores


Title Network Year Score
Fish Hawk   1989
Phillip Marlowe, Private Eye    


Title Network Year Score
The Fighting Men   1977


Title Network Year Score
Wings of Fire   1967
The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones   1966

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