Ron Jones

Ron Jones

Birth Date July 7, 1954
Birth Place Kansas City, Kansas, USA
  • 1971-73 Clackamas Community College: composition/arranging
  • 1976-78 Seattle Pacific University: B.A. Music Theory and Composition
  • 1979 Dick Grove School of Music: Creative Arranging and Composing Program
The Matrix

Star Trek Scores

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode Season Year Score
The Naked Now 1 1987
Where No One Has Gone Before 1987
Lonely Among Us 1987
The Battle 1987
Datalore 1988
11001001 1988
When the Bough Breaks 1988
Heart of Glory 1988
Skin of Evil 1988
We'll Always Have Paris 1988
The Neutral Zone 1988
Where Silence Has Lease 2 1998
The Outrageous Okona 1988
Loud as a Whisper 1988
A Matter of Honor 1989
The Royale 1989
The Icarus Factor 1989
Q Who 1989
Up the Long Ladder 1989
The Emissary 1989
Shades of Gray 1989
Evolution 3 1989
Who Watches the Watchers 1989
Booby Trap 1989
The Price 1989
The Defector 1990
The High Ground 1990
A Matter of Perspective 1990
The Offspring 1990
Allegiance 1990
Ménage à Troi 1990
The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 1990
The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2 4 1990
Brothers 1990
Reunion 1990
Final Mission 1990
Data's Day 1991
Devil's Due 1991
First Contact 1991
Night Terrors 1991
The Nth Degree 1991
The Drumhead 1991

Computer Games

Title Year Score
Starfleet Academy 1997
Starfleet Command 1999

Motion Picture Scores


Title Year Score
2040: Possibilites by Edward Bono 1995
Innocent Adultery 1994
Real Bullets 1990


Title Year Score
Not Another Mistake 1988
The Fighter 1987
Return of the Kickfighter 1987
Warlords of Hell 1987
Future Hunters 1986
Kidnapped 1986
Naked Vengeance 1985

Unknown Dates

Title Year Score
Club Dead  
Digital Dream  
The Last Ride  
The Lepidopterist  
Mission: Terminate  
Silent Fury  
Spear of Destiny  
Spike & Mike's Special Games  

Television Scores


Title Network Year Score
Family Guy Fox 1999
American Dad! Fox 2005
Game Over   2004
The Fairly OddParents Nickelodeon 2001


Title Network Year Score
The Dan Danger Show   1998
Larry & Steve   1996
Hunter   1984


Title Network Year Score
Duck Tales syndicated 1987
Snorks   1984
Superman   1988
The Flintstones: 25th Anniversary Celebration   1986
Hardcastle and McCormick   1983

Unknown Dates

Title Network Year Score
A Kid's Life    
Louie 'n Louie    
Magnum P.I.    
Mission: Impossible    
The New Adventures of Scooby Doo    
Ray Bradbury Theater    
The Smurfs    
Speed Quest (Pilot)    


Title Network Year Score
How It's Done: Creating Music for Animation    
Keeping the Field    
A Voice Screaming to Heaven    
The Windows of Chaco    

Concert Works

  • "Concerto for Trumpet and Jazz Orchestra"
  • "Star Trek: The Next Generation Symphonic Suite"
  • "Kokopelli: A Concerto for EWI and Wind Ensemble"
  • "Concerto for EWI and Orchestra"
  • "Concerto in F for Two Violins, Strings, Harpsichord and Guitar"
  • "Inizio Suonare"


Title Year Award Category
Star Trek: The Next Generation — Best of Both Worlds, Pts. I & II 1991 NAIRD Award Soundtrack Album of the Year
Seattle Pacific University 1993 Alumnus of the Year  
Clackamas Community College 1990 Special Honors for Outstanding Achievement and Inspiration  
Star Trek: The Next Generation — "Q Who" 1988-89 Emmy Award Honors for contributions to Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Series

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