Velton Ray Bunch

Velton Ray Bunch

Birth Date 1948
Birth Place Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA
  • East Carolina University (degree in music theory and composition)
  • Record Producer (multiple artists)
Instruments Piano
Star Trek: Enterprise CollectionQuantum Leap

Star Trek Scores


Episode Season Year Score
Silent Enemy 1 2002
Acquisition 2002
Desert Crossing 2002
Marauders 2 2002
Judgement 2003
Extinction 3 2003
Exile 2003
Similitude 2003
Harbinger 2004
The Council 2004
Home 4 2004
The Augments 2004
Affliction 2005

Television Scores


Title Network Year Score
The Pretender: Island of the Haunted NBC 2001
What Girls Learn   2001
Three Blind Mice   2001
Papa's Angels   2000


Title Network Year Score
Blue Valley Songbird   1999
Mr. & Mrs. Smith CBS 1996
Unlikely Angel   1996
The Bachelor's Baby   1996
The Pretender NBC 1996
Nash Bridges   1996
Crowfoot   1995
JAG   1995
Xena: Warrior Princess   1995
Hercules and the Lost Kingdom   1994
Hercules and the Amazon Women   1994
Bandit: Bandit's Silver Angel   1994
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Fox 1993
Walker, Texas Ranger CBS 1993


Title Network Year Score
Quantum Leap NBC 1989
Magnum P.I. CBS 1989
Hill Street Blues NBC 1989

Television Commercials

Pepsi, Chase Manhattan Bank, Nike, Budweiser, Mattel, U.S. Sprint, Shell Oil, Dole, Mazda Motors, McDonalds, Bell Telephone, Jack-In-The-Box, Phillips Petroleum, Paul Mason Wines, Haggar, Hyundai Motors, Purina

Other Projects

1984 Presidential Inauguration, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, 1987 U.S. Olympic Festival, Blockbuster Awards, Country Music Awards, Bob Hope Specials, Elvis At Graceland, Tina Turner, Amazing Grace, Donny and Marie Osmond, Dolly Parton Series, Pointer Sisters, Pointer Sisters In Paris, Loretta Lynn, Mac Davis (13 network specials), Mac Davis television series, Eddie Rabbit, Beverly Hillbillies, Everybody Say Amen, Paul Lynde Christmas, Brenda Lee


Title Year Award CAtegory
Similitude 2004 Emmy Award Outstanding Music Composition, Dramatic Underscore

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